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Cllr Nigel Foot was elected as the Mayor of Newbury on Sunday 14th May 2023.

The Mayor's charity that he has chosen to support during his year is West Berkshire Homeless.

The Mayor is supported by his Mayoress, Cllr Sarah Slack.

The Deputy Mayor of Newbury is Cllr Andy Moore.

The Mayor's Chaplain is Revd. Will Hunter Smart.

The Mayor's Cadets are Able Cadet Patrick Whitehead and Able Cadet Alisdair Shankland.

Contact the Mayor's Office

If you have occasion to contact The Mayor of Newbury, perhaps to invite them to attend / officiate at an event you are holding, or for some other reason, the Mayor may be contacted as follows:

By Post: Mayor of Newbury, Mayor’s Parlour, Town Hall, Market Place, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 5AA

Tel: 07538 334 106

E-mail: mayor@newbury.gov.uk

Mayoral Engagements

Below is a list of upcoming Mayoral Engagements:

Wednesday 17th April 2024
Newbury College
Equinix Newbury College meeting

South Street Arts, Reading
'Where Do We Go From Here?' Performance, South Street Arts

Thursday 18th April 2024
Victoria Park
Outdoor Fitness Equipment Opening

Royal British Legion
Royal Naval Association Social Evening

Friday 19th April 2024
Thatcham Football Club
Mayor of Thatcham's Civic Reception

RBL Club Hungerford
Mayor of Hungerford's Civic Reception 

Saturday 20th April 2024

Council Chamber, Newbury
Eight Bells Coffee Morning

Northbrook Street
West Berkshire Community Wellness Outreach Service

Newbury Bowls Club
Bowling of the First Wood

Mayor's Fundraising Events

No Fundraising Events Coming Up

Fundraising Graphic Coffee Morning
Fundraising (1)
Fundraising (2)

Role of the Mayor

The Mayor, apart from members of the Royal Family or the Lord Lieutenant of Berkshire who represents them, takes precedence over all persons in the town. The Mayor is the first citizen of Newbury and represents the Council, all political groups and the people of Newbury. The Mayor is a Public Relations Officer for the town and must be non-political at all times during their term of office. The Mayor, by virtue of the office, also presides at the meetings of the Council where it is their duty to keep order, control the conduct of debate and carry out the procedures outlined in the Council’s Standing Orders.

In addition to chairing the full Council meetings held in the Council Chamber every two months, the Mayor will:

- Open events held in the town and extend a Civic Welcome

- Host various functions and Civic Receptions

- Support sports people of the town (visit or start events, present prizes, etc)

- Open various events (school fetes, new businesses, etc)

- Attend a wide variety of events (Open Days, school/college presentations, Annual General Meetings, Dinners, neighbouring Civic Events, etc)

- Visit many townspeople to celebrate special occasions (e.g. 100th birthdays, etc)

The Mayor also fundraises for charity throughout their Mayoral year – for the Mayor’s Benevolent Fund and a charity of their choice.

Donation to the Mayor’s charities are always much appreciated. A Deputy Mayor is also elected.

Role of the Mayoress / Mayor’s Consort

After being elected by their fellow Councillors to the role, an incoming Mayor may appoint a Mayoress or Consort to accompany them whilst attending functions and events during the course of their year in office and assist them when organising receptions and charity fundraising events.

Role of the Mayor’s Chaplain

The Mayor’s Chaplain, chosen by the incoming Mayor after their appointment, looks after the Mayor’s spiritual needs, assisting and officiating during the Mayor’s Civic Service and often at other services during the course of the year in office. The Mayor’s Chaplain occasionally accompanies the Mayor to functions when appropriate.

Role of the Mayor’s Cadet

The Mayor’s Cadet, chosen by the incoming Mayor after their appointment, supports the Mayor in attending formal duties within the town as well as supporting the Mayor's charity events. The Mayor's Cadet is selected by the Mayor from one of Newbury's uniformed services youth groups and should be an outstanding young person who has demonstrated strong commitment, dedication and leadership within their group, being a role model to young people in Newbury.

Town Mayor Reports