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Council Information

Council Meetings

Meetings of the full Town Council are held five times a year on a Monday, normally starting at 7.30pm. These are the main meetings of the Council, presided over by the Mayor. Minutes of the committees are received and adopted. Other business can include presentations from local bodies.

There are four committees of the Council:

Committee Meets approximately every
Policy and Resources Committee Twelve weeks
Planning and Highways Committee Four weeks
Community Services Committee Twelve weeks
Civic Pride, Arts, and Culture Committee Twelve weeks

Council and Committee meetings are held in the Council Chamber in the Town Hall. Due to COVID-19, we have taken measures to try to ensure that social distancing is maintained wherever possible.

Members of the public are very welcome to attend all meetings. There are seats specially reserved for you. Every effort is made to ensure that members of the public can understand the meetings and feel at ease.

For the dates of these meetings, please go to the schedule of meetings page. For the Agenda of theses meetings, please go to the relevant Committee page.


The Council Notice Board

Just outside the main door of the Town Hall, there is a notice board. This gives prior details of each meeting of the Council.


Civic Events

Every year there are at least three civic events at which the Town Councillors dress in their traditional robes and hats. These events are:

  • Remembrance Sunday which is, of course, in November. This includes a service at the war memorial in Bartholomew Street followed by a service in St Nicolas Church.
  • The Christmas Civic Service in December is normally held in St Nicolas Church and includes a full traditional Carol Service with readings.
  • The Mayor-Making ceremony, usually held in the Corn Exchange, Newbury in May, followed by a civic service

In addition to the above events there are some other civic events each year.


Having your say

You can ask a question(s) at Newbury Town Council meetings. You need to notify the Lead Officer of the meeting in advance by faxing your question to 01635 40484, email your question to: towncouncil@newbury.gov.uk, or by taking it to the Town Hall before 2pm on the day of the meeting. You will then be given an opportunity to ask your question(s) at the beginning of the meeting.

At meetings of the Planning and Highways Committee, there is a point in the meeting when residents affected by an application have the opportunity to speak for a brief period.


Surgery on the Town Hall Steps

Every Saturday between 10 am and 12 noon, two Newbury Town Councillors position themselves at the steps of the Town Hall to listen to residents’ concerns and answer questions. The Councillor rota can be found on the Saturday Surgery Rota page.


Contacting the Town Council

The council offices are the Town Hall, Market Place, Newbury. The main entrance is now in Mansion House Street. The offices are normally open during the following hours:

Day Time
Monday - Thursday 0900 - 1700 hrs
Friday 0900 - 1630 hrs


The phone number is 01635 35486. The fax number is 01635 210290 and the e-mail address is towncouncil@newbury.gov.uk.