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Freedom of Information Requests

Newbury Town Council adopted V1.0 of the Model Publication Scheme, dated April 2008 on 6 October 2008, for implementation from 1 January 2009 and has published a supporting “Guide to Proactively Published Information for the Public”.

Both documents are available on request from the Town Hall or by clicking on the links to the right, under related information.

The Freedom of Information Act requires local Councils to make available any information held by the Council that is not covered by the Data Protection Act or is not in the public interest to distribute.

Newbury Town Council fully supports the aims of the Act and does all it can to make information readily available through its website. The Council encourages all residents to come to its meetings, which are usually held in the Council Chamber of the Town Hall (the agendas are always published on the Town Council’s notice board and on the website).

Newbury Town Council is willing to divulge any information on request, in accordance with the act.

All inquiries should be addressed in the first instance to Chief Executive Officer who will endeavour to find a way to provide the information at no charge. Where there is a statutory requirement to charge, or the request is of such magnitude that there will be a significant cost incurred by the Council, then the Council reserves the right to make a charge, agreed in advance.

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