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Precept Information

NEWBURY TOWN COUNCIL provides public services to the residents of the town of Newbury. We deal with local issues in the Parish of Newbury, as shown on the list on the right inside your precept leaflet.

To do this we raise our own form of Council Tax, which is known as the PRECEPT.

This is collected on our behalf by West Berkshire Council and shown separately on your Council Tax bill.

Please click on the links below to view and download the PDF's. Please be aware some files may be large and take a while to download.


Precept leaflet for 2021/2022

Precept leaflet for 2019/2020

Precept leaflet for 2018/2019

Precept leaflet for 2017/2018

Precept leaflet for 2016/2017

Precept leaflet for 2015/2016