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Newbury Town Trails

Newbury Town Trails is a project created by Newbury Town Council to encourage both visitors and locals to explore the town's cultural offering.

The aim of the project is to showcase the Town's culture and heritage, while highlighting the aspects of what makes Newbury unique.

The Town Trail Maps series offers designated routes, which can be walked or cycled, to present the town's creativity, history and pride.

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Public Art Trail

The Public Art Trail is defined by pieces of commissioned and site-specific art (including community and temporary works) which may fall under the concept theme of 'Flow'. This trail also includes local pieces of site-specific art and sculpture work of local interests, created post 20th century.

Download the Public Art Trail Map here.

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Blue Plaque Trail

Newbury Town Council's Blue Plaques commemorate the lives of significant Newbury residents through the ages and mark where they lived or worked.

These plaques also celebrate businesses and industries that have had a significant impact on the town of Newbury.

Download a Blue Plaque Trail Map here.

If you have any ideas for Town Trail Maps that should be considered by the Council, please contact elisa.mullen@newbury.gov.uk