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Would you like to hear about the plans of the Town Council and the District Council for Newbury to 2024? Or how the West Berkshire Town Centre study is progressing? If you would also like to hear how business in Newbury plans to re-open after Lockdown, then The Annual Town Meeting is the place to be!

The Mayor of Newbury, Cllr Elizabeth O’Keeffe, invites the electors of Newbury to the meeting, which takes place on Zoom at 7pm on 22 March 2021.

The Meeting will feature 3 presentations:

  • The Newbury Town Council Strategy 2019-2024, presented by Cllrs Martin Colston and Sarah Foot – Leader and Deputy Leader of the Town Council,
  • Gary Lugg, head of Development and Planning, West Berkshire District Council, will talk about the Newbury Town Centre Study/Vision work they are progressing and the early outcomes and focus of that work.
  • Melissa Hughes, Chief Executive Officer of Newbury Business Improvement District will tell us how the business sector in the Town Centre plans to re-open as Lockdown restrictions are lifted.

Electors attending the meeting will have the opportunity to ask questions of the presenters and put forward ideas of their own to the Meeting.

All electors are welcome to attend and the Zoom link to the meeting can be found on the Town Council’s website Annual Town Meeting (newbury.gov.uk)


Mayor of Newbury, Cllr Elizabeth O’Keeffe mayor@newbury.gov.uk 01635 31871

Mayor Of Newbury