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Community Tree Planting WC Blossoms Field

Tree planting at Blossom's field Wash Common

Date: 7th December 2020

  • We are proud to have a policy of planting 2 new trees for each mature tree we have to remove due to disease, damage etc. 48 were removed from Wash Common in the last year, so we wanted to plant 100 new ones to replace them
  • The corner of Blossoms Field that is most prone to flooding seemed the best place for these trees
  • To protect the trees while they are small and at risk, we have installed a temporary deer-proof fence. The fence will be removed when no longer needed and will be used again somewhere else.
  • Volunteers will carry out the first of 2 tranches of planting on Saturday 5th December, and another group of volunteers will complete the planting next Saturday
  • We communicated the plans using social media and posters in the area but it now appears this did not reach some of the local residents. As a result some residents were surprised when they received notice of the works shortly before we started.
  • We have listened to the concerns raised and taken them on board by moving the fence and the trees further away from the closest residential boundaries.
  • Part of the Council strategy is to achieve Green Flag status for the public open space in Wash Common – Victoria Park has just retained its Green Flag status and the recent upgrades to the City Recreation Ground have been made to help it win a Green Flag too. In order to determine what changes to make in pursuit of the Green Flag for Wash Common, we plan to carry out a public consultation for local residents in Spring 2021.
  • All of the open space at Wash Common will be in the scope, including the new tree plantation.
  • Following concerns raised by nearby residents and users of the park, we are treating the new plantation initially as a tree nursery, pending the outcome of the consultation next Spring. 
  • We will take forward new ideas or possible changes that have high levels of support. This will include a review of the location of the new trees.
  • We look forward to hearing what residents would like to happen and delivering for Wash Common a Green Flag status open space that we can all be proud of