West Berkshire District Council update on how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting West Berkshire

Update: 15/04/20 – West Berkshire Council have released an update and guidance on waste collections in West Berkshire during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Waste Services
– If you are unsure of your bin collection days, you can check using the following link: https://citizen.westberks.gov.uk/binday
– All recycling and rubbish bins should be out for collection by 6am, or the evening before if possible.
– Bulky waste service has been temporarily suspended
– Newtown Road and Padworth Recycling Canters are closed until further notice

If there is someone in your house with a possible coronavirus infection, double bag and tie your waste in plastic bags and store this securely for 72 hours before presenting it with normal waste for collection. As an additional measure, wipe or sanitise the bin/box/handles or lids to minimise the spread of infection.

While this time may be an opportunity to ‘spring clean’ or have a general clear out, it is important to remember that flytipping is a crime which can result in a fine and a prison sentence. This includes leaving items outside on the street or in forests and fields.

While the Recycling Centres are closed, if you have waste that you would normally take to one of these sites, please store it safely until the sites are open again.

—End of update—

West Berkshire District Council have published an update on their website on how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting West Berkshire, and how the council are responding.

Some key points to note include:

  • A new Facebook page has been set up which can be used as a source of support for community groups and volunteers.
  • Funding allocations for the grants announced for retail, hospitality and leisure industries has now been received.
  • Residents are being encouraged to remain vigilant to the increase in targeted scams.
  • Waste collections will continue. Residents are being asked to place their bins outside their property by 6am instead of 7am.
  • Some schools have made arrangements to remain open over the Easter holidays to support essential key workers.
  • Parents and carers who are finding it financially difficult during this time are being offered the option to apply for a refund on fares payed for school transport.
  • Car parking charged have been suspended in all surface car parks.
  • There have been changes to some bus routes in the district.
  • Emotional Health Academy is launching a helpline specifically for young people who are experiencing emotional difficulties during this time.

To access the full response and to find more information about anything mentioned above, please follow the link below:


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