West Berkshire Council Issue Covid 19 Volunteer Community Groups Float

West Berkshire Council has issued a news scheme to make a small amount of money available as a refundable float for community groups and their volunteers that are supporting households who cannot shop for themselves during the Covid 19 outbreak.

The Float is designed to ensure that volunteers are not personally out of pocket if they have made any personal payments for shopping they have carried out for a vulnerable person. The Community Group will be responsible for requesting reimbursement from the vulnerable person to be made to the Community Group’s bank account.

To access this float, the Community group will need a bank account for West Berkshire Council to make the electronic payment into. The organisers of the community group will need to sign for the float which will state what the float can be used for and have a nominated person responsible for the operation and management of the float.
If you have any further questions or would like to access this float, please contact West Berkshire Council’s Community Support Hub westberksBCT@westberks.gov.uk or 01635 503579 to access the Community Group Float Agreement.

If anyone is in greater financial hardship, please contact westberksBCT@westberks.gov.uk

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