The play area at Walton Way has had a makeover with new play equipment for younger children. Children can enjoy the fun new equipment which includes a ‘Calypso Boat, ’rotator’ and two ‘springers’.

Children’s imaginations are stimulated as they live out adventures out at sea on the ‘Calypso Boat’ which is for children aged 2-6 and allows up to 6 children to play together.

The rotator is for children aged 2 and upwards gradually learning about the fun of speed on roundabouts. Then, as they gain self-assurance, the children can test their sense of balance and test their limits on equipment that combines rotation and swinging. There’s two ‘springers’ to enhance a toddlers’ sense of balance too and help them to coordinate their movements, whilst giving older children great fun as they swing.

The play equipment was installed by contractors, Proludic Ltd and the new safer surfacing has been installed by Star Rubber Environmental Ltd.

Cllr Martin Colston, Leader of the Council, said, “As part of the Town Council’s Strategy, we are committed to ensuring safety and quality by implementing a long-term rolling plan for the refurbishment and/or replacement of our playground and other park equipment when it reaches the end of its life.

“I am delighted that the Walton Way play area is now complete – it will be great fun for the local children to explore and have this resource on their doorstep. This innovative range of equipment is designed with both fun and safety in mind.

This work is being funded from Community Infrastructure Levies, which are collected on new developments in the area and are used to improve community facilities”.

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