Newbury Town Plan


The Consultation is now closed, thank you for taking part.


Newbury Town Council, through its Planning and Highways Committee has resolved to prepare a Newbury Town Plan. The area to be covered by the Plan will be the Newbury Settlement Area, as defined in the current West Berkshire District Council Core Strategy, which includes the neighbouring parishes of Greenham, Speen and Shaw-cum-Donnington.

It is expected that the Newbury Town Plan will contribute to the review of the Core Strategy and, when adopted, will be a material consideration when considering applications for planning permission within the settlement area.


The Planning and Highways Committee has taken the lead in the preparation and drafting of the Town Plan. In order to implement and progress the Plan. The Committee established a Steering Group, which will report regularly to the Committee.

To assist the Steering group in its deliberations, we are carrying out a survey of public opinion on the role and future of Newbury and your views would be of great assistance to us. This survey will close on the 31 May 2017.

All of the responses received will be considered by the Steering group before the draft Town Plan is presented to the Planning and Highways Committee. We are currently aiming to do this by the end of September.

The Committee will consider all of the reports and recommendations of the Steering Group and will present a draft Plan to Full Council for approval to go to public consultation.

The Steering Group will review all of the responses received from the public consultation and report back to the Planning and Highways Committee. The Committee will consider this report and send a final draft to Full Council for approval.

The Town Council aims to present the Town Plan, 2019-2036, to West Berkshire District Council by mid-2018.

To participate in our Public Survey, by 31 May 2017, please answer questions 1 to 7  in as few words as you like, but not more than 30 words to answer each question.  If you do not wish to answer any particular question, just leave it blank.