Newbury Town Council Annual Meeting


The Town Council has approved a proposal from Berkshire Youth for the provision of detached youth work in Newbury. Addressing the meeting, Mr. Dave Seward, Berkshire Youth, told the Council that Berkshire Youth is committed to supporting young people through adolescence and into adulthood, especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in our community.

“Today, there is a renewed urgency to our work. More young people are vulnerable to exploitation, becoming disengaged and marginalised and at risk of harm. They have nowhere to go where they can meet their peers in a safe environment and so increasingly are meeting in open spaces where there is no level of supervision, support and sense-checking/guidance. We are delighted that Newbury Town Council has recognised the need to bring youth work to young people – where they are, where they meet.”

Cllr Martin Colston, Leader of the Council, said how excited he was to be supporting the proposal, “Youth Services in the District have been dramatically reduced as West Berkshire District Council slashed their funding over the past 10 years. It is a priority of this Council to support the youth in our town and we provided £25,000 in this year’s budget towards youth outreach work. We will commit to funding this project for the rest of the term of this Council.

Cllr Colston continued, “Berkshire Youth are proven leaders in this field. They have taken on the Waterside centre from West Berkshire District Council and will be providing vital youth services from the heart of Newbury. We are delighted to support this proposal and work in partnership with Berkshire Youth for the benefit of the youth in our community”.

Cllr Martin Colston, Leader of the Council 01635 36591

Hugh Peacocke, CEO, Newbury Town Council 01635 35486

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