Above: Joyce Rudd Café Manager, Mayor of Newbury Cllr Elizabeth O’Keeffe, Camp Hopson Store Manager Emma Cooper and Deputy Mayor Cllr Billy Drummond.

The Mayor of Newbury, Cllr Elizabeth O’Keeffe and Cllr Billy Drummond, the Deputy Mayor, have been taking the time to visit shops, cafés and pubs in Newbury since they have re-opened this week.

Whilst visiting Angelica’s Terrace Café in Camp Hopson, the Mayor had a chat with a few local residents who were pleased to be visiting for the first time in a while. Mr Stan Baker, who is housebound, takes a taxi to Angelica’s every day and stays for a morning coffee and lunch. He was very happy to be back saying, “I have really missed being here and the staff are so kind to me and I see all the regulars every day”.

Joyce Rudd, the Café Manager, is delighted to return to work saying, “I am so happy to welcome back our familiar customers and new ones too. We have had lots of enquiries asking if people can make reservations! Our delicious freshly made scones and sandwiches are very popular. We look forward to welcoming everyone back”.

The Mayor said, “I have been visiting a number of different establishments all week and its great to see them doing so well welcoming back familiar customers. Camp Hopson is still something of an institution in Newbury and so I am sure lots of people will be as pleased as I was to be back”.

Mayor of Newbury Cllr Elizabeth O’Keeffe, Mariusz Baj who works at Angelica’s, Mr Stan Baker and Deputy Mayor Cllr Billy Drummond.

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