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Autumn Tree

Town Council Improving Tree Stock

Newbury Town Council are currently undertaking an in-depth inspection of the trees that it owns and manages within the Parish.

This is a 5 yearly programme carried out by an independent fully qualified Tree Inspector. The purpose of the programme is to identify trees that are in poor health or a danger to the public and to replace them with healthier and more suitable trees.

As a result, a number of trees have been identified as being in poor health, particularly as a result of fungal attack. These include a particularly large Beech Tree at Shaw Cemetery, three Scots Pine in Wash Common and three Ash trees in the Town which back onto the Canal towpath. In addition, there is a horse chestnut tree in Laburnum Grove which is also unsafe caused by disease.

These trees will be removed and any ground contamination (spores) treated to avoid fungal spread.

Cllr Martin Colston, Leader of the Council said, “Unfortunately, none of these trees can be saved, fungal infection has damaged them to a point where they could quickly become unstable.

Once the ground is again free from fungal disease risk, it is proposed that two new trees will be planted for every one that has been removed. The inspection is ongoing and we hope to have a full report in the next few weeks.

The tree inspection programme will safeguard the public and reduce the spread of these diseases”

He added, “Newbury Town Council values the environmental and aesthetic benefits of a well populated and healthy tree stock. Our tree inspections will help us to improve and grow the overall stock for the people of Newbury”.