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Town Council to host Climate
Change Community Workshop

Since declaring a climate emergency on 10th June 2019, the Town Council’s Climate Emergency Working Group (CEWG) has been exploring measures to transition Newbury Town Council’s operations to net zero for carbon emissions.

The CEWG has commissioned a full carbon audit of the carbon emissions from the Council’s day operations at the Town Hall. This audit will establish a baseline figure from which the Council will reduce its impact on greenhouse gas emissions.

The CEWG has also proposed two interim initiatives ahead of the publication of the audit:

1. A community workshop on 28th September at the Town Hall (2pm – 5pm).
Members of local environmental groups, other community groups and individual members of the public are invited to help consider measures that will ensure Newbury Town Council can achieve its net-zero target and discuss how to facilitate similar carbon reduction measures in the wider community. The workshop will include updates from Councillors and Officers on the need to become carbon neutral, where we are now and suggestions on the next steps. This will be followed by group discussions to gather feedback and further ideas.

2. A proposal to create a Green Directory, listing local businesses and organisations that are environmentally friendly.
This directory would allow residents to make sustainable/environmentally friendly decisions when making purchases, encouraging a shift to a greener economy. It is hoped that members of the community will participate in the formulation of the directory to ensure it reflects growing awareness of green issues in the local economy.

Chairperson of the CEWG Cllr Chris Foster said, “The impacts of the climate crisis will be felt right across our community. We must therefore take on board as wide a range of views as we can, that’s why the proposed workshop will form a key part of the Climate Emergency Working Group’s proposals. We’re also keen to learn from the great work already being done by local environmental groups and ask how we as Newbury Town Council can help facilitate this.”

Deputy Chairperson, Cllr Steve Masters said, “In just 2 short months Newbury Town Council has shown it is serious in its ambition to ensure its operations transition to a net zero carbon level. The audit is vital to ensure we know where we are currently and offers a target towards which we can work. The community workshop is recognition that we must ensure a transparent process and ensures we bring the community along as partners in this vital initiative.”