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Mayor's Charity 2019

Newbury Town Council Helps
Promote National Cycling Week

Newbury Town Council embraced National Cycling Week (8 – 16 June 2019) by helping to encourage Newbury residents to get back on their bikes and enjoy the fun and convenience of cycling. Statistics show that many people have bikes gathering dust in their sheds and garages.

The Liberal Democrat led Council which has recently declared a ‘Climate Emergency’ also sees increasing the number of cyclists in the Town as a means of reducing congestion and air pollution in the Town. 

Cllr Martin Colston, Leader of the Council said, “I’m a keen cyclist and find cycling in the countryside exhilarating but I also appreciate the convenience of cycling in and around the Town. I can avoid the traffic, see more of the Town and get exercise at the same time. What could be better!’

Town Councillors are aware of the issues which deter some people from cycling, such as the need for more convenient and safer cycling routes and more secure storage and parking and will be lobbying West Berkshire District Council to address these issues.

Please contact your local councillors or Newbury Town Council if you have any comments or suggestions for improving cycling in Newbury.