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Roof with tiles missing

Help Us Stop These Vandals!

Vandals continue to attack targets in Victoria Park and have caused damage estimated at £2,500 over the past few weeks. The Town Council is determined to protect the community facilities in the Park and CCTV images of the culprits have been sent to the police. The police have been given permission to post these images on social media and other public notice boards and the Town Council will press for the prosecution of those responsible for this damage.

The Leader of the Council, Cllr Adrian Edwards is calling for the community to help deal with this issue saying, “This wanton destruction of public property has to be paid for by the community of Newbury. We could have provided seats, flowers, playground equipment or other improvements to the Park with the £2,500 that we have to spend repairing the damage caused by these vandals. If anyone in Newbury has information that would be useful, please give it to the Police. I would also ask the community to be vigilant and report any incidents of anti-social behaviour or vandalism that they see in the Park. The Park is for all the people of Newbury and we will not have it damaged by a few selfish, mindless individuals. We have provided CCTV images to the police and we will be pressing for those responsible to be prosecuted. We will continue to work to maintain the Park and its facilities for the enjoyment of the people of Newbury.”