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Wharf Water Tap

Drinking Water Tap Installed to
Reduce Plastic Pollution

Newbury Town Council has installed a drinking water tap outside the Wharf Toilets in the town centre.

The tap will enable residents and visitors alike to fill their own reusable water bottles, rather buying single-use plastic alternatives.

The move is part of the Council’s wider environmental strategy, which includes the provision for drinking taps within the town, alongside other green initiatives such as tree planting.

Cllr Miles Evans, Deputy Leader of the Council, said, “Single use plastic bottles cost a lot to produce, create mountains of waste and can easily end up in landfill, or in our precious waterways.”

He continued: “By providing fresh drinking water in this way, we hope to encourage people to refill reusable water bottles – it’s free, so you can save money and the environment at the same time.”