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Newbury Town Council Grants Awarded

Town Council Agree to Lease Wash Common Library Building

It looks like the library in Wash Common will soon be re-opening, thanks to the work of the Friends of Wash Common Library and the support of Newbury Town Council. Following the closure of the library in 2017, a community group known as The Friends of Wash Common Library, was formed with the aim of re-opening the library and restoring this service for the people of Wash Common and surrounding area.

Newbury Town Council, after considering the responses from the recent public consultation, concluded at a meeting of the Policy and Resources Committee to take a 5 year lease from West Berkshire Council on the Wash Common Library building.

Cllr Adrian Edwards, Leader of the Council is delighted with the proposal saying, “As a Ward Member for Falkland I am very pleased to hear that the library service at Wash Common will be re-opening. It is a valuable resource for residents and I am pleased that the Town Council have been able to work together with The Friends Group and West Berkshire Council to enable this to happen. I commend the Friends group for their initiative and hard work and I can assure them of the Town Council’s support for the service.”