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Newbury and District Arts Council to be established.

Newbury and District Arts
Council To Be Established

Newbury Town Council would like to invite all organisations and individuals involved in the arts in Newbury and the surrounding areas to help establish a Newbury & District Arts Council. The aim of the Council would be to support and encourage co-ordination and co-operation between the many different bodies promoting the arts in Newbury/West Berkshire. 

Whilst Newbury focused, there is little doubt that Newbury Town Council will look to audiences across West Berkshire and would also like to hear from arts organisations in West Berkshire, outside Newbury, who would like to promote the arts and their events in Newbury.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Adrian Edwards said, “The idea is that we will bring together the various bodies, who can then establish the Arts Council and take it on in order to achieve the aims stated above and I ask that representatives of arts organisations contact Newbury Town Council and advise us if they are interested in being involved.  The greater the variety of arts organisations involved in the Newbury & District Arts Council, the more effective it can be.”

Those organisations interested in attending a meeting to discuss the possibilities should contact Joyce Lewis by email at  or telephone 01635 780203.