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Sandleford Park Design

Newbury Town Council to Consider Its Response to Sandleford Park Proposals

Newbury Town Council is hosting a public presentation of the Sandleford Park proposals at Newbury Rugby Club at 7.30pm on Thursday 3 May and all are welcome to attend.

Following the refusal of permission for the development last December, the 2 developers involved have submitted revised proposals for up to 1,500 new homes, including affordable homes, a 155 acre public Country Park, new school facilities, sports pitches and other community proposals. Agents for Bloor Homes and Donnington New Homes will present the proposals and this will be followed by a Questions and Answers session, chaired by Councillor Anthony Pick, Chairman of the Council’s Planning and Highways Committee. “I would like to thank the developers for agreeing to come to this public presentation, which will give members of the public an opportunity to discuss the proposals with them” said Councillor Pick.

The Planning and Highways Committee will hold a special meeting on Monday 14 May, at the Town Hall, at which they will formulate their response to the planning applications, having regard to the information and views discussed at the Public Presentation and the 2 planning applications submitted for the development.