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Town Plan 2019-36

Successful Public Consultation on the
Draft Newbury Town Plan 2019-36

Newbury Town Council has received 108 responses to its public consultation on its draft Town Plan for Newbury.  The responses will be considered at the next meeting of the Town Plan Steering Group, for possible inclusion in the final version of the Plan, due to be submitted for approval by the Full Town Council in June. The draft Plan was approved for public consultation by the Full Council on 29th January, and the consultation lasted from 5th February to 18th March.  It was publicised on the Town Council’s website and notice boards and by a notice in the Newbury Weekly News.

The Newbury Town Plan covers all areas of Newbury public life, and is intended to set a direction for the town for the next 20 years.  It includes the whole of the Newbury Settlement Boundary, and to assist with that representatives of the Parish Councils of Enborne, Greenham, Shaw-cum-Donnington, and Speen were co-opted to the Steering Group.

The public were invited to score 42 different matters.  The proposal for an eastern bypass road, connecting the A339 from Basingstoke with the trunk roads north of Newbury via a new Thatcham Railway bridge received the highest level of public support (an average score of 4.4 out of 5).  There was also a high level of public support for the idea that Newbury should retain its character by spatial planning which presents a balance of residential, commerce and business, social infrastructure, transport, and recreational purposes.  The principle that the Kennet Centre should assist in reinvigorating retail south of the Canal and that planning policy should strive to retain the balance of retail independents, chains and nationals in Newbury were also supported.

The full consultation response can be found at

Cllr Anthony Pick, Chairman of the Steering Group, said:  “We are very pleased at the number and quality of the responses.  They show how much the people of Newbury care about their town and how much constructive thought was put into preparing them.  We are grateful for all the responses, which will materially assist us.”

The Town Plan is designed to inform and influence the next issue of the West Berkshire Council Local Plan, addressing the years 2019-36.  Of the 108 responses, 71 were completed online and 28 at a public coffee morning held at the Town Hall on 24th February. There were also nine separate written responses to the Town Council.