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Town Plan 2019-2036

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Newbury Town Council has prepared a draft Town Plan 2019 to 2036 and is now consulting the people of Newbury for their views on the Plan’s proposals. The consultation runs until Sunday 18 March.

Using the strap-line, “Newbury – the Crossroads of Southern England”, it highlights Newbury’s role as a town at the centre of innovation and creativity, open to outside influences, while retaining its strengths and character.

The Plan covers the settlement area of Newbury, which includes the urban parts of Speen, Shaw-cum-Donnington and Greenham. It was prepared by a Steering Group set up by Newbury Town Council, plus Councillors from Enborne, Greenham, Speen, and Shaw-cum-Donnington to represent the interests of their respective parishes, as well as West Berkshire representation. The Steering Group also co-opted external specialists to advise on environmental planning and leisure, culture, and tourism.

Cllr Adrian Edwards, Leader of the Council said, “As the elected body for the people of Newbury, it has long been an objective of this Council to have a Town Plan, setting out our aims and aspirations. We have now drafted such a Plan and we would like to hear the views, comments and ideas of the people of Newbury. This is a Plan for all the people of Newbury, especially the youth, as it is your future.

He continued, “Our consultation runs until the 18th of March and responses can be made online or by post. We also plan to hold a Town Plan Coffee morning in the Council Chamber of the Town Hall, from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm on Saturday 24 February, where the Plan will be on display and members of the Steering Group who prepared the Plan will be available to discuss the Plan with you.”

The Plan focusses on how the town of Newbury should respond positively and constructively to the expected challenges over the next 20 years, and to inform and influence the West Berkshire Council Local Area Plan 2019-2036.  Building on the town’s present strengths, the Plan is underlined by six strategic objectives:

  • - To sustain and promote the town’s architectural, historic, and environmental character and its social and cultural infrastructure;

  • - To sustain and enhance the quality of life available to its residents;

  • - To ensure that it attracts and retains a wide range of businesses as they grow and develop;

  • - To develop the town as a major leisure and cultural centre;

  • - To provide an attractive opportunity for its young people;

  • - To provide for the health and care requirements of its population.

The Plan recommends principal directions for the town, some of which are new and some of which build on existing strengths, comprising sections on:

  • - The Future of Newbury, which outlines the planning principles which we recommend for its development.

  • - The Character of Newbury, which describes the architectural design principles which should apply.

  • - Business and Commerce, which puts forward a programme to encourage business development and attract new business, retaining the balance with residential growth.

  • - Leisure, Culture, and Tourism, which describes how to build on the many present amenities of Newbury to attract visitors to the town and improve the benefits to residents.

  • - Transport, which reviews Newbury’s transport and reports on and proposes measures to improve it.

  • - Education, which outlines a programme to provide the best opportunities for Newbury’s children and young people.

  • - The Environment, which proposes how to protect and improve the quality of Newbury’s physical and natural environment.

  • - Health and Wellbeing, which suggests ways in which trends and requirements in health services might be addressed.

“It is a very ambitious, but realistic Plan and I am urging the District Council to seriously consider the objectives in the Plan and include as much as possible in the next review of their Local Area Plan,” said Cllr Adrian Edwards.  He also expressed his appreciation to Cllr Anthony Pick, who chaired the Steering Group, and to all those who contributed to the Plan.

Responses can be made online at or by email to Written submissions can be handed in at the Town
Hall or posted to: Newbury Town Council, The Town Hall, Market Place, Newbury, RG14 5AA.

The full Plan can be viewed on the Town Council website, and printed copies are available from the Town Hall, at a cost of £5 each.