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Bombing of Newbury

New Pathway for
ST John's Memorial Gardens

Newbury Town Council has re-laid the pathway at St John’s Memorial Gardens. The pathway was in poor condition and needed to be replaced enhancing this lovely area used by many people walking to and from the Town Centre.

Cllr Adrian Edwards, Leader of the Council said, “During the spring, the St John’s Memorial Gardens are in full blossom with super cherry trees along its perimeter and in the summer the gardens are alive with beautiful
floral displays.

He continued, “A new bench was installed a year or so ago and with the latest renovations the area is now an even more pleasant place to walk through, or take time to relax. The Gardens are located on the south side of the St. John’s Road roundabout and all are welcome to enjoy them.” 

The pathway, costing £4240, was funded by developer contributions (S106 monies) which was put aside to enhance this community area.