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Best Dressed Market Stall

Newbury Market Best Dressed Market Stall Winners!

Newbury Market recently held a ‘Best Dressed Stall’ competition for all of its Market Traders leading up to Christmas. Newbury Town Council would like to thank all of their loyal traders for taking part.

The winners, who put on fabulous displays, were presented with a gift voucher and flowers from the Mayor of Newbury, Cllr David Fenn.

Cllr Adrian Edwards, Leader of the Council said, “We are very pleased that the traders took the time to make the effort to make the most of the festive shopping season, especially with the cold weather. The Market is a very important part of Newbury and we are doing our best to encourage new traders and are grateful that our loyal traders come along in all weathers, it certainly can’t be easy on some days in the winter.”

The winners of the prizes were Kathy Osborne with her fine china and handmade wooden gift stall, ‘Shedkraft’ in Northbrook Street and Susannah Day, of S Days Catering in the Market Place. Kathy and Susannah were delighted with their prizes and are both enthusiastic and regular traders at Newbury.

Newbury Town Council are keen to attract new traders and anyone interested should contact Caroline Edmunds on 01635 35486 or see our website