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Heritage Open Day 2017

7TH Newbury Blue Heritage Plaque to be Unveiled - The Brewing Industry

Newbury Town Council is set to commemorate the local brewing industry by unveiling its seventh blue plaque. 

For 200 years, brewing was one of Newbury’s principal industries with at least 15 breweries serving pubs as far afield as London.

Cllr Anthony Pick, Chairman of the Newbury Town Council Heritage Working Group, said: “Our Blue Plaques programme is bringing attention to events, buildings, and personalities which have contributed to Newbury’s cultural, historic, and architectural identity." 

He continued: "The brewing industry was one of Newbury’s principal industries for years and is deserving of recognition.”

The plaque is set to be unveiled at St Nicolas House, West Mills by Phil Wood, President of the Newbury District Field Club, who carried out much of the research into the local brewing industry and will be joined by the Mayor of Newbury, Cllr David Fenn.

St Nicolas House was built in the mid-18th century by the brewer Samuel Slocock and was the home to his family until 1847 and headquarters of the West Mills Brewery until 1920.  The brewery and its maltings occupied almost the entire area behind the buildings in West Mills, up to Kennet Road and the rear of the houses in Craven Road.

The Town Council is grateful to St Nicolas Parochial Church Council and the Oxford Diocesan Board of Finance, the present owners of St Nicolas House, for their kind permission to erect this plaque. It is also grateful to the Newbury Society, which has generously donated £100 towards the cost of the plaque.