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Commonwealth Flag

Flying the Commonwealth Flag
Single Commemorative Act

On Commonwealth Day, Monday 13 March 2017, in common with more than 730 locations throughout the Commonwealth, Newbury Town Council will fly the Commonwealth Flag from the Town Hall flagpole.  Although the flag at the Town Hall will be raised without ceremony, the Mayor of Newbury, Cllr Julian Swift-Hook, will draw attention to Commonwealth Day and the flying of the Commonwealth Flag during the Single Commemorative Act which will take place in the Town Hall Council Chamber from 10.00am on 13 March.

Mr Mayor and guests, including children from local Primary Schools, will attend the Town Hall for a Single Commemorative Act marking the centenary of World War one, in conjunction with many civic leaders across the Country.  This will be held in the Council Chamber when four candles, already lit, will be extinguished representing the darkness that came over Europe 100 years ago.  Three candles will be relit and remain alight as a reminder to all who see it, not only of the sacrifices made during the past 100 years through conflicts in which this country has been involved, but also as a symbol of hope that we will work towards a greater understanding between peoples.