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Town Design Statement Open Day 2017

Open Day for Town Design Statement
on 6th February 2017

Visit the Consultation Page Here

Newbury Town Council has just reviewed the Town Design Statement and will be holding an Open Day on Monday 6 February, where you can have your say on the review. The full Draft Design Statement will be on display in the Council Chamber, in the Town Hall. Council Members and officers will be on hand and will be happy to assist with any questions or comments you might have. Members of the public will be invited to make written comments and responses to the consultation, which runs until 19 February 2017.

The Town Design Statement analyses the character of Newbury and sets out how the local community might want to have a positive influence on any future changes in the town, by conserving the ‘best of the old’, and encouraging sympathetic new development.

It was last approved in 2005. There have been a lot of changes and developments since then and the review is intended to capture this and update the Statement.

The document is in the form of a 64 page illustrated booklet, which describes each of the 11 Character Areas of Newbury Town in detail and then recommends specific design guidelines.  The Conclusion picks out 11 ‘Key Principles’ relating to the whole town. The full document can be viewed on the Council’s website,

Developers or residents considering a new development should have regard to the principles outlined in the Town Design Statement.  It will also be useful to local residents who may want to object or comment on any specific planning application. The Town Council will refer to it when dealing with any planning applications which come before it for consideration. The current Newbury Town Design Statement has been accepted by
West Berkshire as a ‘material consideration’ in the determination of future planning applications and it is expected that when completed, the review will have the same status.

“If you like the look and character of Newbury, then this should be of interest to you” said Council Leader, Cllr Dave Goff, who encourages townspeople to come along and have their say.