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Sainsburys donate plants for Victoria Park

As part of Victoria Park’s recent ‘makeover’, Sainsbury’s in Newbury have donated 6 semi-mature trees and a variety of shrubs which have been planted around the perimeter of the Bowls Club and also at St John’s Memorial Gardens, Newbury.

Sainsbury’s found themselves with a large number of mature shrubs after plans were implemented to carry out extension works to their Newbury store. Their contractors, Williams Southern Limited were able to use site machinery to carefully remove the trees and shrubs in the area which, after contacting Newbury Town Council, agreed that they could be transferred to Victoria Park.

Rob Barnes, Sainsbury’s Newbury store manager said, “We hate waste, so it is great that the local community will benefit from the trees and shrubs which were removed during work to improve our groceries online operation.”

Newbury Town Council’s contractors, The Landscape Group, together with Williams Southern’s Contracts Manager Darren Stepney and Site Manager Ted Finnegan moved quickly to ensure that the plants did not suffer any trauma during the process of replanting. Trudy Pocock of Williams Southern Limited said, “To ‘recycle’ the greenery rather than dispose of it was a fantastic idea and we are pleased to have been able to help”.

Cllr Dave Goff, Leader of the Council said, “We want to thank Sainsbury’s for taking the time and trouble to contact us and their contractor for helping us to move and plant all of these trees and shrubs. The plants once full mature will further enhance the surrounds at the Bowls Club and the bedding at St Johns Memorial Gardens.”

Photograph above: Ady Rackham, Michael Fidler and Alan ‘Ginger’ Gibbs from The Landscape Group, Carol Irwin, PR Ambassador at Sainsburys, Ted Finnegan from Williams Southern Ltd, Cllr David Fish, Chair of NTC Victoria Park Working Group and Granville Taylor, NTC Community Services Manager