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Local democracy at the Town Hall

Over the last two weeks primary schools in Newbury have been learning about the role of Newbury Town Council and its Councillors.

The events have been organised by the Council to coincide with Local Democracy Week, a European wide event to encourage people to find out how their local councils work.

The Primary School children spent 2 hours at the Town Hall meeting Councillors and having an interactive presentation, which included trying on Councillors’ robes and dressing as the mace bearers. They also saw how the Council works, how Councillors are elected and the various responsibilities the Council had around the town. The children left after some lively Question & Answer sessions. They then enjoyed a tour of the Town Hall and learning about the 400yr old history of Newbury’s charter and notable citizens such as John Winchcombe and John Rankin.

For the first time since the Local Democracy visits started in Newbury, children who are home educated also attended a session and were shown around the Town Hall, particularly enjoying the history of the recently renovated paintings of Queen Charlotte and King George III.

Councillors visited Park House School and Trinity School and had a very interesting Question and Answer sessions with children from years 7-9, with subjects such as road safety and local libraries.

Cllr Dave Goff, Leader of the Council said,

“We very much enjoy the visits from local children who want to know more about how the Council operates and the role that the Councillors have. The children of today are the voters of tomorrow and I hope that these events will encourage our young people to take an active interest in local democracy. Who knows, some of them may well go on to be Councillors and Mayors themselves one day?”