Newbury Town Council have carried out a Risk assessment required under the COVID-19 Government Guidance for managing playgrounds and has concluded that the Council are not able, at this time, to comply with all of the requirements. In particular, the recommendation in Section 4, ‘Key principles for safely re-opening’.

This Council therefore would like to state that the 14 play parks that it is responsible for continue to be a risk for the spread of the Coronavirus by contact.  We do not have the resources to reasonably mitigate some of the risks present and are recommending that play equipment that has not been sanitised and cleaned should not be used.

We will post notices at all our play areas to this effect.

Please find a list of the parks, gardens and recreation grounds which are maintained by Newbury Town Council.

SiteRange of Play EquipmentNearest Postcode
Blossoms FieldAll ages – MUGA, climbing net with slide, rope swing, rotating net, balance beam, net bridge, stepping stones, table tennis, trampoline, swings, basket swing, multi-games unit, slide, springers (various), spring jeep, roundabout, dinosaur, play table, rope walk, seesaw, trim trailRG14 6QU
Bodin Gardens7 – 14 age group – multi-games unit, slide, basket swing, swings, climbing rock, springers (various), goal unitRG14 7SG
Christie Heights7 – 14 age group – Climbing net and tubular structure with spinner, basket swing, swings, slide, fitness equipmentRG14 7SU
City Recreation GroundAll ages – multi-games unit, seesaw, springers (various), swingsRG14 6LR
Cresswell RoadAll ages – multi-games units with slide, climbing frame, free standing slide, mushroom seats, basket swing, swings, balance beam, gyro spiral, roundabout, seesaw, gullwing rocker  RG14 2PQ
Cromwell RoadAll ages – single MUGA, multi-games unit and climbing net, trainRG14 2HR
Dickens WalkAll ages – multi-play unit, rocking log, an embankment slide, stepping stones, rotating platform, springers (various), swingsRG14 7UQ
Digby RoadAll ages – fitness equipment, single MUGA, basket swing, climbing rocks with connecting net, swings, multi-games unit, climbing frame, springers (various)RG14 1TU
Fifth RoadAll ages – cable runway wire, fitness equipment, balance boards, multi-play units, rotating net, springer, climbing net, dizzy disc rotator, basket swing, swings, train, stepping stones, swinging logs, rocker, BMX track  RG14 6DP
Hamilton CourtAll ages – embankment slide, stepping stones, talk tubes, trampoline, dish roundabout, springers (various), swingsRG14 7UH
SkylingsAll ages – Single MUGA ball games areaRG14 2BB
St Georges AvenueAll ages – embankment slide, open space with goals at either endRG14 5NY
Victoria Park (Play Area)All ages – multi-games unit, springers (various), basket swings, sandpit, dish roundabout, DDA roundabout, rotator, caterpillar, swings, seesaw, timber stepping stones mega climbing tower with large tube slides, cable runwayRG14 1EH
Victoria Park (Skate Park)Concrete skatepark, steel half pipeRG14 1EH
Victoria Park (Splash Park)Water play area, overhead buckets, umbrella, streams from the floorRG14 1EH
Walton WayAll ages – multi-play unit, balance beam, cone climber, stepping stones, climbers, free-standing slide, leapfrog, space climbing net, roundabout, spinner, springers (various), swings, basket swing  RG14 2LL