Town Hall - Noticeboard Guidelines

The two left hand panes are for community use, the right hand panes are for the use of the Town Council.  The guidelines for the use of the community notice boards are below:

Community notices should be:

  • For charities and not for profit organisations
  • For Newbury based organisations, and organisations benefiting Newbury residents
  • A5 size preferable
  • Well presented

The acceptance of a notice does not mean that it will be displayed.  Undated notices will not be displayed for more than 6 months.  Where there is a demand for space, the longest undated notices will be removed.  Qualifying notices will be displayed free of charge.  Notice of events will not be displayed any more than 6 weeks in advance

Posters will be prioritised according to the following list:

    1. Posters from our venues
    2. Partner agencies posters
    3. Charitable and non-charitable organisations that hire space in our venues (must specify on the poster if they are a charity and their charitable number)
    4. Local charity events/ charity organisations’ posters (if space allows and charity information must be clearly visible on poster)
    5. Local community groups and churches

The Council will not display posters from any commercial interests advertising goods or services (including admission to events for which a fee is charged). This does not include posters from the Council’s own venues or from the Council’s partner agencies.

• Posters from any organisation that the Council deems to be of an extremist nature will not be displayed.
• Posters containing language or images that are deemed by the Council to be of an obscene or otherwise offensive nature (racist, sexist, homophobic etc.) will not be displayed.