Friends of the Earth, Newbury, invite YOU and your family to help increase the number of trees in West Berkshire even while the whole country is in lockdown? If you would like to contribute to the greening of our district, plus get your family involved in looking after baby trees, just start here!

Gardening and tending our allotments is allowed during the lockdown period, as it offers fresh air and exercise, and the promise of lovely home-grown veg. So while you’re weeding, how about potting up any tree seedling you come across rather than composting them. You probably have loads of old pots, so just pop any tree seedlings you find into a pot with garden soil, and keep them watered until they can be planted out. Label them if you can identify them (look to see what mature trees are nearby, check online for leaf shapes*). Put the pots in a partially shaded part of your garden if possible and enjoy watching them grow.

There are some tree species which wouldn’t be suitable for planting out or are very susceptible to disease, so please don’t collect sycamore or horse chestnut babies.

When this coronavirus pandemic is over, we hope to get a group of people interested in tending a small tree nursery, where our little charges can grow on until they are sturdy enough to be planted out around the district. Do let us know if you would like to get involved in this, or know of a small plot of land which might be suitable. A corner of a garden or an underutilised allotment might work.

Let’s help reducing climate chaos by growing beautiful trees!

Links to tree identification and information:



For further information please visit Friends of the Earth Newbury Facebook page.

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