Heritage Working Group

Heritage Working Group

The Newbury Town Council Heritage Working Group is a working group of the Planning and Highways Committee which is concerned with actions to identify, research, and promote Newbury’s heritage, primarily but not exclusively its built heritage. It was started in about 2007, when the leading Councillor was the late Gina Houghton, and recommenced in 2012.

It comprises any member of the Council and any interested member of the public who is willing to get involved, and currently includes leading Newbury historians and the West Berkshire Council Heritage Champion.

Its present activities include:

  • • Promoting the local listing of Newbury heritage assets under West Berkshire Council’s local listing scheme.

  • • Erecting plaques and interpretation panels for sites and buildings in Newbury of historic interest.

  • • Dating Newbury’s historic buildings by dendrochronology, in partnership with a qualified local specialist.

  • • Reviewing the listing particulars of Newbury historic buildings with Historic England, where that seems appropriate.

  • • Arranging chargeable historic town walks in Newbury, in partnership with the Visitor Information Centre.

  • • Maintaining a list of designated Newbury buildings at risk, in consultation with the WBC Conservation Officers.

This is not an exclusive list, and other research and classification activities are included as they seem necessary.

Its activities are paid for partly from the Newbury Town Council budget and partly from contributions from our heritage partners for each project, who may be local or national.

Meetings of the Working Group take place every two or three months. We would be pleased to hear from interested members of the public who would be willing to participate in our work.

Cllr Anthony Pick

To contact the Heritage Working Group email: towncouncil@newbury.gov.uk