Priority will be given to organisations which:

  • Are based within the boundary of Newbury Town Council or which serve wholly or mainly the residents of Newbury.
  • Would give benefit to the greatest number and range of Newbury town residents.
  • Provide a benefit for the wider community beyond progressing the interest of its members.
  • Have made an effort to raise funds themselves and are not reliant on donations to fund the total project
  • Show a commitment to sustainability.
  • Show a commitment to equality and diversity

In addition

  • Grants will not be awarded to bodies for activities which are statutorily funded.
  • Priority will be given to those organisations whose objectives meet the priorities and targets laid down in the Council’s Strategy.
  • Preference will be given to organisations seeking capital or one-off funding, rather than ongoing revenue support


  • Application to the Good Exchange is complete and all required documentation received by the deadline
  • Application assessed against the above criteria
  • Short-listed applicants MAY BE invited to attend the scheduled Grant Sub-Committee meeting to make a short presentation and answer questions from Members of the Grant Sub-Committee.