Climate Emergency – Grant Aid Application Form


Applicants should study the criteria below to ensure that they qualify.

Any questions should be directed to the Town Council before applying.

Criteria for Grant Aid

Priority shall be given to organisations which:

• Are based within the boundary of Newbury Town Council or which serve wholly or mainly the residents of Newbury.

• Would give benefit to the greatest number and range of Newbury town residents.

• Provide a benefit for the wider community beyond progressing the interest of its members.

• Have made an effort to raise funds themselves and are not reliant on donations to fund the total project

• Show a commitment to long term sustainability.

• Show a commitment to equality and diversity

In addition:

• Preference will be given to organisations that have not already had a grant from Newbury Town Council in recent years.

• Grants will not be awarded to bodies that unitary or national government has a legal obligation to fund.

• Priority will be given to those organisations whose objectives meet the priorities and targets laid down in the Council’s Strategy, especially Section 3, “Take actions to address the climate emergency”.

• The Applicant will need to demonstrate the carbon emissions reduction or offset to be achieved in their project in their application

• The Applicant will be required to feedback on the project and be willing to demonstrate the outcomes at a Climate Change Workshop organised by the Council.

    All fields are required.

    Person/Organisation Information

    The name of the main contact for the person/organisation/body seeking the grant.

    The address of the main contact.

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    The Grant

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    Required Action...

    Please email a balance sheet giving a breakdown of the organisation's income/expenditure in the previous year, including details of all balances held.

    Email Address:

    Your application will not proceed without this.

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