Civic Awards

Civic Awards 2017 - Good Neighbours

Newbury Town Council introduced the Newbury Town Civic Award nineteen years ago and six years ago a new award was launched, the Newbury Town Young Persons Civic Award, sponsored by The Swift Logistics Group. This is aimed specifically at young people up to and including 25 years of age.

Both awards run alongside each other and are presented each year to 'a hidden hero' who, in the opinion of a panel of judges, has made an exceptional contribution to the Newbury community. We would ask you the public to consider who you think is eligible and nominate one or more people for the Award.


The Newbury Civic Awards 2017 are on their way, the nomination round has now closed for this year, thanks to all those who have nominated a good neighbour.


There was great excitement at the Town Hall when the Newbury Town Civic Award and the Newbury Town Young Persons Civic Award were presented at the Annual Town Meeting by the Mayor of Newbury, Cllr Howard Bairstow.

Rosemary Lister was the winner of the Black Horse trophy, the award which recognises the town’s unsung heroes, those people who have made an exceptional contribution to our community on a voluntary basis. The winner of the Newbury Town Young Persons Civic Award, sponsored by the Swift Group of Companies, was Ashley Reade who received the crystal trophy and an experience day of his choice.

Rosemary has volunteered for Home-Start West Berkshire since training in 1998. She has tirelessly offered her support to families across West Berkshire through their home visiting. To date she has supported approximately 25 families.  Rosemary also supports the Home-Start Family Group which runs weekly during term time and gives an additional 3 hours of her time to the group which supports 6 to 8 families at any given time. She is a great team player, able to quickly identify where support is needed and never afraid to be proactive in her approach. Everyone knows that Rosemary is there when a pair of very safe hands is needed.

Also nominated for the Award were:

- Phil Bull who is a long standing volunteer and attends the Community Furniture Project on Monday through to Friday and has been doing this regularly for around 9 years

- Lynne Taylor who has been a volunteer at Dingley West Berks since June 2015 and gives one day a week of her free time. Lynne has developed excellent bonds with the children and works hard to help them achieve and develop. She also volunteers for Home-Start every week.

- Brian Arnold who has been a Volunteer Driver for Newbury & District Cancer Car Trust since April 2009. Every week Brian takes patients, 5 days a week, to their appointments and sometimes carries out two trips per day.

- Paul Black who has been attending the Community Furniture Project for around 4 years and has been mainly helping to run the bicycle workshop. Paul has recycled all used wood within the CFP and has turned these items into garden equipment such as bird feeding tables, bird boxes and planters.

- Graham Young who joined the group of volunteers that litter-picked for the national ‘Clean for the Queen’ campaign. It transpired that Graham goes out every Sunday morning with three bin bags and collects a bag full of re-cycling, a bag full of glass and a bag full of rubbish without any support for the benefit of the whole community.

Ashley Reade, the winner of the Newbury Town Young Persons Civic Award has been volunteering at the Newbury Community Furniture Project for 12 months. He was initially referred by Castle School for work experience one day a week and after he left school he carried on the placement at the project and now attends 2 days a week. His enthusiasm and attitude towards his volunteering is impressive. When he started at the project it quickly became apparent that his skills lay in practical work, specifically bicycle maintenance. He has continued to develop his skills in the bicycle repair workshop where he is now undertaking Laser bicycle maintenance training. Ashley also plays for the CFP football team and is again very committed to his role.

Also nominated for the Young Persons Civic Award was Selina Jones who volunteers in two autistic societies in Newbury and has done this for several years. She has a positive attitude and selfless commitment to helping others, giving generously of her time to the benefit of many in our community.  

Here are all the pictures taken by Colin Lewis for Newbury Town Coucil at this years (2016) Civic Awards Ceremony.