Chat with the mayor

The Mayor of Newbury is offering a telephone call service to help support the elderly who are self-isolating. The Mayor, Cllr Elizabeth O’Keeffe, came up with the idea to help combat loneliness during this time of uncertainty, where some members of the community are unable to leave their homes and would like a social chat with the Mayor.

She said “My civic duties ended abruptly in mid-March. I wished to do something to help in the community, however given my age I was unable to volunteer for any tasks outside my home. Phoning self-isolating people who are home alone was one option. I know how much many organisations and charities like to have a visit from the Mayor. Many individuals also enjoy a surprise visit on an anniversary or special birthday. Phoning some of these people for a chat seems like a way I can still do this.”

Phone calls will be made by an appointment basis and will be about 10 minutes long. If you would like to receive a phone call from the Mayor, or would like to nominate somebody to receive a phone call, please contact the Mayor’s Office by phoning 01635 780 203 Monday to Thursday 9am – 5pm, or emailing with the name of recipient of the phone call and telephone number. You will then be given a time slot when the Mayor will call.

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